Wednesday, April 18, 2012

crash course in pneumatic tubes

In New Dehli or Ottawa, or at least nearby?

Here are a couple of courses which might take your fancy:

The International Institute of Healthcare and Medical Technologies is offering a three day crash course in August about pneumatic tubes.

Who should attend? Hospital administrators, hospital engineers, biomedical students, hospital consultants, hospital architects, and pneumatic tube ethnographers perhaps? Visit for more details or email

The Canada Science and Technology Museum is offering a five day course on reading aftifacts also in August, where participants get to explore using artifacts as resources for research and teaching, explore material culture methodologies and learn conservation, cataloguing and collection techniques.

Who should attend? Graduate students, post-docs, faculty interested in teaching history through artifacts and scholars seeking to expand their research methods. Registration closes June 15th. For further information contact

Image my own, from the Post Museum in Paris.

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