Saturday, April 7, 2012

hospitals of music and flowers

A beautiful series of photos in Colossal has been making the blog rounds recently, of Anna Schuleit's installation Bloom. This moving work involved the careful placement of twenty-eight thousand pots of flowers in various wards of a closed mental health hospital in New England, USA.

Usually photos of closed hospitals highlight decay, disuse and disrepair. Schuleit's installation on the other hand tells a somewhat more poignant story. Asked to create a sit-specific work for the closed hospital, which would be open to the public for four days, she chose to inundate the space with flowers, to reflect on the sad absence of flowers in psychiatric settings. After the exhibition closed, the flowers were then delivered to nearby shelters, half-way houses and psychiatric hospitals. This is not the first time that the artist has produced a site-specific work in a hospital. In 2000 she created a sound installation in another disused New England hospital called Habeas Corpus, where visitors listened to a recording of Bach's Magnificat pouring out of the shattered window panes.

Image from trendhunter and thanks to Daniele for sending me this link.

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